Spies for the King

summary as best as I can remember

Started in the army barracks in the capital of Skandagal. A general comes in with an order from the king to infiltrate the rebel bands in the neighboring region. With the general is Fedralya, an agent of the king’s with connections to the region. She will serve as the groups advisor on their mission. On their way to the boat which will take them to their first stop in the region, they come across a boy who is about to be hung. The group rescues him by pretending that he’s to be executed at another place and time and proceed to smuggle him and the boys mother to some relatives of theirs down-river in Piramasa. While there they stop at a fishing museum and take a giant gold-plated and gem encrusted lure.

Continuing on the journey the boat they’re on is attacked by a giant octopus/squid/thing. Declining to use the newly acquired lure, as it’s too precious to them, they instead attack what parts they’re able to and eventually drive it off before any real harm is done to the ship.

They arrive in Dralich. They meet with a guide who will take them through the desert. They are attacked but they are driven off. They arrive at Shirebafel, the last holdout for a rebel group known as the Black Hands. There is initially some hostility as the earlier attackers were members of the Black Hand, but the group is able to make their case to Sitralyim, the leader. After conversing they decide to join the Black Hands, who seem like a sensible group of rebels, especially compared to the Golden Daggers, who purged the Black Hand, among other groups, from the old capital of Aqasha. The group decides to try and convince the Golden Daggers that by working with the other groups will they have a chance of dethroning the king. Your guide Dralek disappeared at some point before this.

Before the Black Hands will fully trust them, much less let them become a part of the group, they must first prove their worth to the group, i.e. money and valuables. So the group along with a couple of Black Hands travel to a road frequented by merchants and travelers who wish to avoid the populated oases and any fees they might incur. They are told specifically to target a caravan whose wagons have red and gold tassels. The first group that they meet does not. They’re travelling to Dralich and have a strange cargo which makes unearthly noises but they’re not the ones they are supposed to be targeting and so they are allowed through.

The second caravan does have gold and red tassels and they are stopped by our men. They find out it belongs to the Golden Daggers, or at least men who work for them. One of our guys sneaks into a wagon and discovers a bunch of literal golden daggers, snagging a few. Through diplomacy, the other members of the group convince one of the caravan’s members, a Golden Dagger named Shartaura, and the leader of the caravan, Shinlegrem, to give them audience with the leader of the Golden Daggers so they can help work things out between them and the Black Hand. She agrees. OR Through diplomacy the other members of the group convince one of the caravan’s members, a Golden Dagger named Shartaura, and the leader of the caravan, Shinlegrem, that they are infiltrating the Black Hand and would like to offer their services to the Golden Daggers, up to and including assassinating Sitralyim, for a meeting with the leaders of the Golden Daggers. She agrees.

The rest of the caravan continues on its way to Dralich. The group goes back to Shirebafel and get black hand tattoos. Not sure wher Shar is during all this, but apparently she’s with you when you head to Aqasha, along with another Black Hand. Once in Aqasha she runs off and you’re ambushed and pushed back outside the city. The shape-shifting druid turns into a bird and follows her.
Your contact here, a royal soldier named Chegusa, meets up with you and asks for a report. You finish the conversation as quickly as possible and send him away.
Meanwhile the druid follows her into a small building where she meets with some other Golden Daggers and mention something about Mishtas. After the meeting he continues following her in the city. He changes back and confronts her. He’s able to actually secure a meeting this time but at the price of her cutting off his Black Hand tattoo, which she says the others must do as well if they’re to come. Only one other member actually losses theirs, while the rest hide theirs or disguise them magically. They head into town and eventually run into Shar. After she inspects them to make sure their tattoos are removed she takes them to a tavern the Golden Daggers runs, named the Golden Discs. That night some soldiers raid the place for rebels but are killed with the help of the group.

The next day Shar lets them know that the leader, Chadrek, is not in town, but is actually in the desert a few miles away gathering together his men for a raid on the Black Hand. The group joins them in the raid. Everyone is killed. The paladin tells the warden to meet up with her in Mishtas and leaves the group, instead going with the Golden Daggers. The rest stay behind to decide on their next course of action. The bard heads back to Dralich while the rest of the group follows the Golden Daggers.

The bard makes it to Dralich and finds out that the guide who had initially led them is working with Chadrek as part of a secondary organization signified by a green ring. Shar and Fedralya the paladin are also members. At his home the bard also stumbles upon some maps and a list of names.


The bard decides to try and catch up with the rest of the group to let them know what he found.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group comes across some suspicious-looking men loading suspicious-looking crates onto suspicious-looking wagons very suspiciously at the oasis of Lukiyafel. They try and find out what’s going on by offering to help. Initially they refuse but one of the crates falls and breaks open revealing an abomination of a creature. The men ask the group help to capture it and eventually they secure them again. They ask what they’re for and the man tells them they’re for Chadrek and are to be delivered to him in Skandagal. They let him go.

The bard meets up with them in Lukiyafel or somewhere around there and they continue to Mishtas. They arrive and find some of Fedralya’s belongings, including her green ring, and a burning house. That’s everything, I think.

After Our Ambush

We kept the representives from the Black Hand and the Golden Daggers from killing each other. Garrett and I notice Sharttaura wearing a green stone ring. Megliorn mentions it casually and Sharttaura gets very defensive so Megliorn drop the subject. We find a rock to use the exodus knife on to create a safe place to sleep for the night. Megliorn take first watch, the black archer give Megliorn a toy to play with, and some meat to eat which Megliorn don’t. Justin has next watch, and stops an altercation from happening between the bandits. Nothing exciting happens the rest of the night. In the morning Justin finds and investigates the toy Megliorn was playing with and discovers poison. Hakey happens to have an antidote which she administers to both Justin and I. We eventually make it to the capital where Sharttaura promptly abandons us and we get ambushed. The party retreats while Megliorn manage to hide as a bird. Megliorn follow Sharttaura back to the secret headquarters Megliorn manage to fly through the door and hide in the rafters before anyone can stop me. Megliorn proceed to listen, the only thing that seems to be of any portent is that the leader is not present and something about a raid or something about Mishta. I fly back out and follow Sharttaura to the market and confront her. She cuts off my Black Hand tattoo and we arrange a follow up meeting with my compatriots. Megliorn return to them and relay all the information I was able to gather.
As we discuss possible courses of action a Kings guard approaches and asks about a status update on our mission. We tell him we have nothing to report as we are still working on the infiltration effort, so we get his contact information for when we do have something to report. Megliorn talk Steve into actually cutting off his tattoo, everyone else decides to keep theirs and keep them hidden. We travel back to the marketplace and do some shopping, Garrett and Megliorn both buy some rituals, Steve got an enchanter to lvl up his daggers. Sharttaura eventually finds us wandering around the marketplace and inspects everyone’s “removed” tattoos. She brings us to one of the front businesses ran by the Golden Daggers, a tavern called The Golden Disc(k)s, and put us up for the night. After Sharttaura shows us to our room she leaves us for the night, so we head downstairs to do some gambling. After Megliorn win a decent amount of Justin’s money, a group of King’s guards, attack a fellow group of Golden Daggers. Steve does awesome in the fight, critting twice, meanwhile Megliorn contribute nothing, failing twice.

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