Spies for the King

After Our Ambush

We kept the representives from the Black Hand and the Golden Daggers from killing each other. Garrett and I notice Sharttaura wearing a green stone ring. Megliorn mentions it casually and Sharttaura gets very defensive so Megliorn drop the subject. We find a rock to use the exodus knife on to create a safe place to sleep for the night. Megliorn take first watch, the black archer give Megliorn a toy to play with, and some meat to eat which Megliorn don’t. Justin has next watch, and stops an altercation from happening between the bandits. Nothing exciting happens the rest of the night. In the morning Justin finds and investigates the toy Megliorn was playing with and discovers poison. Hakey happens to have an antidote which she administers to both Justin and I. We eventually make it to the capital where Sharttaura promptly abandons us and we get ambushed. The party retreats while Megliorn manage to hide as a bird. Megliorn follow Sharttaura back to the secret headquarters Megliorn manage to fly through the door and hide in the rafters before anyone can stop me. Megliorn proceed to listen, the only thing that seems to be of any portent is that the leader is not present and something about a raid or something about Mishta. I fly back out and follow Sharttaura to the market and confront her. She cuts off my Black Hand tattoo and we arrange a follow up meeting with my compatriots. Megliorn return to them and relay all the information I was able to gather.
As we discuss possible courses of action a Kings guard approaches and asks about a status update on our mission. We tell him we have nothing to report as we are still working on the infiltration effort, so we get his contact information for when we do have something to report. Megliorn talk Steve into actually cutting off his tattoo, everyone else decides to keep theirs and keep them hidden. We travel back to the marketplace and do some shopping, Garrett and Megliorn both buy some rituals, Steve got an enchanter to lvl up his daggers. Sharttaura eventually finds us wandering around the marketplace and inspects everyone’s “removed” tattoos. She brings us to one of the front businesses ran by the Golden Daggers, a tavern called The Golden Disc(k)s, and put us up for the night. After Sharttaura shows us to our room she leaves us for the night, so we head downstairs to do some gambling. After Megliorn win a decent amount of Justin’s money, a group of King’s guards, attack a fellow group of Golden Daggers. Steve does awesome in the fight, critting twice, meanwhile Megliorn contribute nothing, failing twice.


Still working on the rest, i’ll try and get the next 3 up Thursday.

After Our Ambush

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