It is currently 1652 AUG. The empire Gelrabek had forged over 800 years earlier is now in shambles, due to an increasingly inept and corrupt monarchy. The empire currently extends through Shorpal and Kalugas with a small presence in Rampari Sheshpal and Chramubyed. The region of Badrushara is in open revolt, with the Inginya theocracy trying to raise an army to make war upon the current emperor, Chulradin. The overseas territories, once the crown jewels of the empire, have been retaken by the local kingdoms and there are currently no plans to try and retake them. The appearance of new Stupakparya is now a rare occasion, with only one or two appearing every few generations as opposed to the past when it was rare for all five to not be present. The Wind Stupakparya, Nekhru, is currently working for the king as his loyal vizier. There are rumors of a Fire Stupakparya in the south as well, but that could be a product of Inginyi propaganda. Another threat to the emperor lies to the East of the capitol, in the desert of Sheshpal. There is a network of rebels conspiring against the king, and he wants you to infiltrate this network and relay any and all information you find concerning their immediate and long-term plans.

Spies for the King

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